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century a network of inns was developed on the Swedish authorities’ request.

Almost every manor, including church manors, had an inn and made profit selling its own peer and spirits.

Lithuanian women, however, have extraordinary long hair.

It is common to see girls with hair going down to their pancake asses and sometimes passed that.

You can have a romantic, starlit picnic on some of the more remote beaches with some nice wine (no annoying rangers or laws against it) and fall asleep right there.

I used to hate camping as a kid but I have found a whole new appreciation for how accessible the nature in Estonia is as an adult.

Some of the most beautiful women in the world I’ve seen have been from Lithuania.

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If you’re like me, you’d think that all three countries are similar, but after my nearly four months in the region I noticed a surprising amount of variation between them.You are my sun, my moon, and all my stars – Sa oled mu päike, tähed ja kuu 15. Tania Lestal is a third generation Estonian born in Australia.I dream of you day and night – Unistan sinust nii päeval kui ööl 16. I am madly in love with you – Olen sinusse pööraselt armunud 18. Tania has studied media and communication and worked in film and television, as well as running various film festivals.Of course I’m not talking about architecture or food—my main field of study was the women. Estonian women have some curves and boobs while Lithuanian women have boyish bodies that are Asian like (I was grossly disappointed with the Lithuanian ass). The biggest problem with Estonia is that they have a growing obesity problem.If all Estonian women were thin, they’d win by a mile, but for now they only get a slide edge over Lithuania thanks to their more juicy curvature.We take our sweet time during the Sunday sauna, using "kaseviht", a bundle of birch branches with which we beat the body to eliminate toxins, to give ourselves or each other a massage of sorts. When visiting Estonia, pack a tent and some sleeping bags, get a rental car and go explore the nature which is always free and open.


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