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The main gay area is around Seminyak, Legian, and Kuta.The Balinese are very open and friendly by nature, and very helpful.

Please check with the Indonesian Embassy to know if you are eligible.RIRIS FIRDIANSYAH a massager from Jakarta (seemingly sometimes also in Singapore) with family connections (1 little brother and 1 little sister) in Lampung whom I knew already since several years and therefore considered to be honest, serious and trustworthy to come to my hotel for giving me a massage.During this treatment I fell asleep and when I woke up around 3.30am this man was not in my room anymore.When changing money into Indonesian Rupiah, check the exchange rate carefully as most exchanges are done by authorised money changers, and the rates can vary quite a lot. We advise that you don't change too much each time, as when changing Rupiah back into your own currency you will make a big loss.Try to budget so that you spend all your Rupiah before you leave, BUT DON'T FORGET you need 100,000 rupiah in cash per person for airport departure tax.Offers online gay hotel bookings & tours, city by city listings, gay scene information, gay asian news, calendar of events, coverage of gay pride and other gay festivals...


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