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During the studies you will be able to undertake an internship not only in Latvia, for example, in translation agencies, but also abroad.

That is a kind of a “bridge” to a professional employment market, as a place of your internship may become your future working place.

General secondary or secondary vocational education (third qualification level) Interpreters, translators, and managers of translation projects who are able to carry out translation commissions in the enterprises of State and municipalities, private companies, incl., translation agencies, and institutions of the European Union.

Written Translation, Conference Interpreting (Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting), Linguistics, Intercultural Communication, Acquisition of Language Technologies, Foreign Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, and also Latvian.

In this comment I read, what I can make bilingual spell check. English and Russian dictionaries: Bilingual spellchecker is not supported, at least not in reliable way. Instead, at API level you can instantiate multiple objects of the spellchecker with different languages. Merging dictionaries is possible to some extent, but tedious. One has to make sure that word classes are in the same format and that there are no overlapping between the word classes in the two files.

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According to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia, the professional bachelor programme in translation studies of Ventspils University College preparing high-level specialists – translators/interpreters – is one of the best in Latvia.

The Russian language is one of the most demanded languages in the international market of translation/interpreting; nevertheless, in Latvia, there is quite a shortage of professional translators into / from Russian nowadays.

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