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Your mother-in-law likely learned her behavior in childhood.

She may target you because she feels threatened or intimidated by your differences, and she feels that you are unlikely to confront her behavior, according to Deborah Ward, in the article, "Keep the Bullies at Bay by Building Your Confidence," published on the Psychology Today website.

She may feel lonely or insecure since her son has created a life for himself that doesn't include her as a central figure.

Feelings such as jealousy, envy and sadness can cloud her judgment and may provoke her to put you down in an attempt to gain control.

Harassment, including threats, intimidation, repeated annoying and unwanted contact or attention, and repeated personal attacks may reduce an editor's enjoyment of Wikipedia and thus cause disruption to the project.

Harassment of an editor on the basis of race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age or disability is not allowed.

Kleinschmidt holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Montclair State University.Usually (but not always) the purpose is to make the target feel threatened or intimidated, and the outcome may be to make editing Wikipedia unpleasant for the target, to undermine, frighten, or discourage them from editing.Wikipedia must never be misused to harass anyone, whether or not the subject of the harassment is an editor here.A mother-in-law that bullies you goes far beyond a difficult one.At one time or another, most daughter-in-laws struggle with their husband's mothers.In this article, I want to share with you how you can stop shyness from sabotaging your social life, and how to start meeting friends.


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