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Reid's girlfriend Kelly is the star of a sex show on the Internet but his friends don't know.

Virginia and Alayne are two strippers sharing the same man in the same house.

Having a firm foundation for the relationship is key, which Cam attributes to being friends for a few years before getting married.

"He is my best pal," she told us, adding, "I think it takes a really self-assured man nowadays to be with a woman that is working really hard, traveling a lot, and very driven.

Before then, starting a family had felt like one route to this elusive state of feminine fulfillment.

But Scott had made it absolutely clear he never wanted a baby, and even had a vasectomy.

Not knowing when you'll see your significant other next, no physical touch for weeks or months at a time, tearful airport goodbyes. It's no different for those in the entertainment industry, who often also have to spend a fair amount of time away from families, spouses, and significant others on lonely tour buses. I spoke with the bubbly, Grammy-nominated 32-year-old at this year's Stagecoach Music Festival about her recent marriage to commercial real estate agent Adam Weaver, and she got real about how she deals with being apart from her husband while they're still in the newlywed phase.The film opened in theaters on September 21, 2007, and was heavily panned by critics.One of Good Luck Chuck While playing seven minutes in heaven at a party in 1985, 10-year-old Charles "Chuck" Logan (Connor Price) refuses to kiss a goth girl named Anisha (Sasha Pieterse) who attempts to have sex with him.Bored after 18 years with her husband, Robin Rinaldi placed an ad seeking casual encounters with new men and women.She tells what happened on her yearlong sex odyssey in her memoir "The Wild Oats Project."Trapped in a marriage where the sex was routine, freelance journalist Robin Rinaldi, now 50, embarked on a 12-month experiment in which she lived apart from her husband during the week and took lovers.You'll also find threesomes, 4somes and more going on in here. We have a bunch of features which give it the edge on the original.


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