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For Sea, it had to be evocative, mental and spiritual, and strings are perfect for that.

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It can’t be too short, it has to be secure, and it has to survive getting rolled up into a suitcase.

When I stumble upon a good one—usually by a Toronto designer—I buy a spare. 5 | My piano shell When I toured in the States in the early 2000s, I had to bring a keyboard with me.

3 | My library I’ve been building a library of great thinkers—Tolstoy, Nietzsche, Marcus Aurelius, Jane Jacobs, Gandhi—all my adult life. Science, religion and philosophy all point to the mystery of existence, which is what art is really about. Compared with a grand piano, a keyboard on a stand looks so sad.

They celebrate both the commonplace and extraordinary experiences (some welcome, some less so) of which our reality is comprised.

Each record expresses those experiences in a very different way. There was ample opportunity to add instrumentation to Land, but overdubbing was kept to a minimum, and within a limited palette because I wanted it to sound physical, of-this-world, so you could sense the musicians in the room playing the song and almost feel them sweating.


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